Up to this point, only a small test group has had the Google Glass experience, but this week, the product was offered to the public for one day only at $1500.

Ever wondered who Google Glass is actually for?

With the 2014 Boston Marathon right around the corner, if you haven’t seen J.J. Miller’s video, We Will Run, you’re missing out.

As Google Glass has moved at a snail’s pace from a trade show novelty to a real-world gadget, the friction between old and new has already resulted in some iffy legal questions.

Want to gulp down a pint of liquor filled with live goldfish, slurp beer from a toilet while hanging upside down, or mix up a cocktail with a little engine oil in it? Oh come on, doesn’t that sound like a blast?

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It was December 31,1999, the last day of the 20th century. The world was about to enter the new millennium, marking a new age of discovery and wonder. The last millennium proved to be an amazing one, there was the invention of the light bulb, mobile transportation, traveling into space and The Beatles just to name a few, If you think about it, so much had occurred in the last 1000 years.

Netflix and Hulu are currently the two largest streamers of network and studio-produced content. It’s hard to believe that Netflix has been around as a company since 1997. With the internet barely able to provide music let alone .gifs and videos, Netflix’s goal from the start to was to take on the movie rental industry. Revolutionizing the way television content is made was only a happy side effect.

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This dog.

Good Morning from Omnia Agency! Is this how you wake up every morning?

The 2014 One Show Automobile Advertising of the Year awards are being presented today at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. And Honda has grabbed the top prizes in both the TV and online video categories. Fiat won in the print category, Hyundai in interactive, and BMW and Toyota shared the prize in experiential.

What a unique auto ad! Congrats Honda!

"He that would have the fruit must climb the tree.

— Dr. Thomas Fuller

Omnia Agency is Providence, Rhode Island based company that specializes in media buying, web design, mobile apps, social media and more.

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Omnia Quote of the Week

Omnia Quote of the Week

Old Spice launches a new tv commercial campaign with the momsong, as part of smellcome to manhood campaign. It is only the first of many more to follow. Omnia Agency thinks they did a great job creating memorable funny campaign. It is receiving tons of views, comments both negative and positive

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Guerrilla marketing at it’s finest

Guerrilla marketing at it’s finest

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